Leaping into home ownership means financial perks, like saying goodbye to rising rents and hello to tax benefits, and the freedom to "make your own space" with projects and renovations as creative as you can imagine them. Not sure you're sold? Read why these millennials found #noplacelikeown.

[ Doug & Emily's Story ]

WHERE: Seattle, WA
BROKERS: Cassie Daughtrey & Loren Martin

[ Garner & Amanda's Story ]

WHERE: Snoqualmie Ridge, WA
BROKER: Aaron Gazes

[ Brenda's Story ]

WHERE: PuyallupWA
BROKER: Tracy Setzer

[ Jordan's Story ]

WHERE: RedmondWA

[ The Webb's Story ]

WHERE: Puyallup, WA
BROKER: The Hopper Group

[ Catherine & Scott's Story ]

WHERE: Kingston, WA
BROKER: Meg Burkett

[ Steve & Krystal's Story ]

BROKER: Vicki Jackson

[ Ryan & Lindsey's Story ]

WHERE: Renton, Wa
BROKER: Jason Gibbons

[ Janet's Story ]

WHERE: Redmond, WA
BROKER: Tracy Setzer

[ Ken & Nan's Story ]

WHERE: SeattleWA

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When did you buy a home?
When did you buy a home?